Debt Syndication

We specialize in assisting clients with a proactive review of their capital structures to ensure that they are properly capitalized to match their operating fundamentals. Our firm works with clients to structure and raise debt and equity capital in the underserved middle market.

We help clients manage their debt-financing needs by profiling business and cash-flow risks, defining the alternative sources of funding, building in multiple variables such as currencies, fixed-floating, tenure, collateral etc. in a comprehensive manner and finally negotiating with the prospective lenders / buyers.

The team has also built an impressive track-record in debt restructuring based on its superior understanding of business needs and relationships with key lenders.

Raising Cost-effective debt resources in Rupee and Foreign Currency for Projects, Working Capital and Specific needs. Financial Restructuring, CDR, OTS, Interest Cost Reduction, Long-term Corporate Loans for Working Capital Margins. Financial products and services in hedging of interest and currency risks.