International Tax Planning

What kind of global corporate structure should be used? Where should intellectual property be based? How can a multinational groups overall effective tax rate be optimised? The answer to these and several other similarly intricate questions cannot be simple. The answers would vary from sector to sector and industry to industry. Our dedicated tax professionals are in a position to not only explicitly answer these questions but also unearth the various planning opportunities leading to enhanced financial performance.

We offer :

  • Advising for Globalisation and entry strategy for India
  • Preparation of business plan and project report
  • Advice on international holding company structures
  • Decision regarding opening of a rep office, branch or subsidiary.
  • Use of hybrid instruments and entities
  • Revenue models including arrangements such as contract manufacturing and commissionaire structures
  • Ownership of intellectual property, cost sharing agreements, licensing arrangements and Incentives for R&D activities
  • Transfer pricing
  • Information on corporate and allied laws of various countries.
  • Advise on Indian corporate law and exchange control issues.
  • Coordination with local experts in various jurisdictions in implementing the structure