Quarantined, but still Logged On!! Would this further defer revival of Real Estate sector?

The lockdown has created a forced WFH for most of us from sectors where it has never happened before. Folks from service industry like IT, where WFH is part of organizational DNA, will agree that it’s a habit that many others will develop in time. Other service sectors and support functions should look up to best practices followed by them.

The question then arises – Would this disrupt the workplace and accelerate the transition to WFH? Would corporates make WFH a new normal as they are already looking for cost cutting avenues? Would people have homes with dedicated workspace?

We are now realizing how effectively we can work with various collaboration tools and video conferencing. Travel time, especially in the metros is saved drastically, traffic situation is improved, carbon footprint is reduced and work-life balance gets better. Naturally, there is a flip side to it like lack of face-to-face interaction/mentoring, team bonding, etc. One needs to strike a balance as per their work demands.

In the post COVID-19 era, WFH would probably not feel as difficult as it does today when the rest of the world is functional as before.