We offer both domestic as well as cross-border M&A advisory solutions to corporates and Private Equity funds backed by unparalleled access to potential strategic and financial investors in India and globally

Target/Buyer Search

  • Backed by significant network of relationships and a knowledge based approach Aarayaa team is uniquely positioned to span the market to generate buyer interest and shortlist potential opportunities
  • With CFI’s global footprint and a strong presence in core M&A markets, we consistently leverage our robust cross-border capabilities while helping our clients navigate the financial markets and divergent cultures
  • Professional approach and best practice driven interest generation
  • High quality shortlist and conversion track record

Deal Advisory – Buy & Sell side

  • Focus on understanding of commercial rationale
  • Exploring possibilities of synergy, domestically or globally and bringing insights through experience and possible risk mitigants practical in Indian context
  • Solid well researched and analytical & professional presentation
  • Structured sell side process to maximise value

Valuation Support

  • Experienced valuation teams
  • Providing perspectives applying multiple methodologies and other valuation techniques

Due Diligence

  • Strong relationships with leading accounting and legal firms
  • Provide seamless teams for buy side advisory and executing sale processes

Implementation and Closing Support

  • Successful and experienced team to support, undertake and advise on negotiations
  • Advising and finalizing documentation in conjunction with legal counsels
  • Assisting in seeking requisite legal approvals

We maintain active relationships with a broad array of private equity sponsors seeking to invest capital in public, private and family companies. Many private equity sources focus on change of control transactions including management buyouts, while others focus on growth opportunities, industry consolidation plays, or turnarounds.

Our private placement services range from creating the capital plan and structuring the financial terms to providing marketing assistance and serving as placement or selling agent. Our extensive capital markets experience and long-standing relationships with private equity funds, mutual funds, financial institutions, venture capital firms, and individual investors provide valuable resources in consummating private placement transactions in a timely manner on the best terms available.

Additionally, we augment our traditional distribution capabilities with several unique sources of capital and our syndicate of high-quality partner Investment Banks who have access to additional investors

We believe in providing our clients with accurate, relevant valuation services that draw defendable conclusions.

We provide valuation services across all industry sectors and specialize in projects in connection with :

  • Business Valuation
  • Share and Securities Valuation
  • Derivative / Options Valuation
  • M&A Valuation And Swap Ratio
  • Brand Valuation
  • Fairness Opinion
  • ESOP And Sweat Equity Valuation
  • Regulatory Valuation (RBI, Income Tax, Companies Act, SEBI, IBC, etc.)
  • Financial Reporting Valuation (IND AS)
  • Registered Valuer Services

We understand the value of vision. The company’s and entrepreneur’s vision and aptitude for ambitious growth can benefit from financial expertise. At Aarayaa, we are committed to partnering our clients with a long-term perspective and providing well-researched corporate advisory services, professional advice, relevant to business needs including expansion, divestment, acquisition and restructuring.

Service Offerings :

  • Internal restructuring
  • Restructuring of companies
  • Joint Ventures             
  • Preparation of Information Memorandum
  • Assisting in Listing related matters      
  • Assistance in Legal documentation etc.
  • Global corporate structuring  
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Investment appraisal of companies   

We specialize in assisting clients with a proactive review of their capital structures to ensure that they are properly capitalized to match their operating fundamentals. Our firm works with clients to structure and raise debt and equity capital in the underserved middle market.

We help clients manage their debt-financing needs by profiling business and cash-flow risks, defining the alternative sources of funding, building in multiple variables such as currencies, fixed-floating, tenure, collateral etc. in a comprehensive manner and finally negotiating with the prospective lenders / buyers.

The team has also built an impressive track-record in debt restructuring based on its superior understanding of business needs and relationships with key lenders.

Raising Cost-effective debt resources in Rupee and Foreign Currency for Projects, Working Capital and Specific needs. Financial Restructuring, CDR, OTS, Interest Cost Reduction, Long-term Corporate Loans for Working Capital Margins. Financial products and services in hedging of interest and currency risks.

After years of doing business and advising clients we have come to understand the up and down cycles of business. How they occur? Why they occur? When they occur?

After observing the basic nature of the business cycles and its cause and effect, we decided to play friend, philosopher and guide to clients who strive hard to see the black. We probe deep into the business to identify the problems because more often than not we have observed that the solutions lie immediately next to the problems. We see our role as a catalyst in the turnaround process.

Our services include the following :

  • Capital restructuring
  • Debt rescheduling
  • Reduction of equity
  • Designing rehabilitation plan for sick companies
  • Assisting the management in revival of sick companies
  • Assistance in raising working capital facility
  • Finding financial and strategic investors as required
  • Advise on legal and tax issues involved in implementation of the scheme

Our associates are also qualified as Insolvency Professionals registered with Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI).

What kind of global corporate structure should be used? Where should intellectual property be based? How can a multinational groups overall effective tax rate be optimised? The answer to these and several other similarly intricate questions cannot be simple. The answers would vary from sector to sector and industry to industry. Our dedicated tax professionals are in a position to not only explicitly answer these questions but also unearth the various planning opportunities leading to enhanced financial performance.

We offer :

  • Advising for Globalisation and entry strategy for India
  • Preparation of business plan and project report
  • Advice on international holding company structures
  • Decision regarding opening of a rep office, branch or subsidiary.
  • Use of hybrid instruments and entities
  • Revenue models including arrangements such as contract manufacturing and commissionaire structures
  • Ownership of intellectual property, cost sharing agreements, licensing arrangements and Incentives for R&D activities
  • Transfer pricing
  • Information on corporate and allied laws of various countries.
  • Advise on Indian corporate law and exchange control issues.
  • Coordination with local experts in various jurisdictions in implementing the structure